Tips: Syncing Calendars

If you’re like me and you use your Google Calendar to schedule your entire life, then this tip might be great for you.

After you register and pay your Player fees you’ll be able to view your team in teamsnap, once your division schedule has been approved and imported into teamsnap you can easily export all of the games so they automatically show up in your personal Calendar. Here’s how:

  1. Log into Teamsnap, Navigate to your Spring 2016 Team and Click on the “Schedule” Tab
  2. If your schedule has been imported you will see a list of games list and above that table in the upper righthand corner you’ll see a “Subscribe/Export” Button. Click that button. (See the Screenshot below, Click for a Larger view)dyn-step1
  3. That will take you to the “Export Schedule” Screen where you see instructions for exporting your schedule. If you use iCal or Outlook 2007 there’s instructions on how to export it there. We’re going to continue the steps for Google Calendar or other web based calendars. To Export for Google Calendar copy the “Full Calendar” Link (See the Screenshot, Click to Enlargedyn-step2
  4. Go to your google Calendar screen and click the little arrow next to “Other Calendars” and that will bring up a dropdown menu that contains the “Add By URL” Option. Click “Add By URL” (See the Screenshot, Click to Enlarge)dyn-step4
  5. That will bring up the “Add By URL” Dialog , Paste your Teamsnap Games URL copied in Step 3 into the input as show in the Screenshot Below (Click to Enlarge) and hit the “Add Calendar” Buttondyn-step5
  6. You should now see your Teams schedule imported. There will be a new Calendar in the “Other Calendars” Section and you should see events automatically populated. In the Screenshot Below (Click to Enlarge) you can see the team here “Hellcats” and the games and events in Red.dyn-step6