Tips: How to Register

Before playing in their first 2016 BASL Softball game, all players need to register and pay their $100 Player’s Fee. If a Team is found with an unregistered player on their roster, their games will be automatically forfeited!

There’s been some confusion around registration so we thought we’d put together some instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Spring 2016 Page and Click the Green “–> Register” Button.Step1
  2. Clicking that Register button will redirect you to a Blue Page that should say “2016 BASL Player Registration Form”
  3. Step2
    1. If you played in BASL last year and already have a Teamsnap account you can click “Import Player from Teamsnap”
    2. If this is your first year press “No Thanks”
  4. Fill out the Registration Form and hit “Save” to ContinueStep3
  5. Select Your registration Option and hit “Save and Continue”:
    1. All Players are required to pay a $100 Player fee.
    2. Note: For Insurance reasons anyone in the dugout during a BASL Softball game is required to register as a Non-Player ($40). That means non-player coaches & score keepers etc.
    3. Step4
  6. Read and Sign the BASL Code of Conduct & Insurance WaiverStep6
  7. Checkout with Paypal & You’re done!
  8. NOTE: You will NOT be immediately added to your teamsnap account. First a BASL Board Member will confirm your account and add you to your team’s roster. It should take no more then 2-3 days. If you are not added to a roster after three days please contact the BASL at

Additional Tips: 

  1. Payments are only supported on Firefox, Chrome and the latest version of IE. If you have having trouble with payments try switching to a modern browser. If you continue to have trouble please email BASL for help.