BGSTE Featured in the News

The Biggest Gay Softball Tournament Ever at MCU Park Has been featured in a Story on News12 Brooklyn including shots of our BASL Players in action and discussing the importance of LGBT Events.


We’d like to thank our Sponsors:

Elvis Duran And The Morning Show

KY True Feel

The Brooklyn Cyclones

Send In The Clowns

Shoutout Go out to the Team Managers:

Baby Blue: Charlie Bruno

Yellow: Khris Young

Pink: Jeff James

Turquoise:Melo Vasquez

And a Special Thank you to Our Volunteers:

Tim Charters, Joe Hom, Mike Cohen, Jeff James, Casey Ray & Any Volunteers That haven’t been mentioned by name, you all helped the event take off without a hitch, if we missed you in this list please let us know! You all deserve recognition.

And Thanks To All Our Players (those from BASL and GOAL) and Fans that Joined use for a Great Night Of Softball. All of the Proceeds from the event are being donated to the LGBT Centers in NYC and in Orlando.

Oh and FYI BASL beat z100 😀