2018 Returning Player Registration is Now Open

We know that it’s technically still winter but if you’re anything like us, you’re itching to get back on the Softball Field. So we’re opening Returning Player Registration now!

Here’s the deal. If you already have a team for the Spring 2018 season you can register RIGHT NOW. So you played Last Spring or Fall please reach out to your manager. If your manager says you’re good to go for next season then just follow the instructions here to register.

Looking for a Team?

If you have not played in BASL before or do not have a team to play on for the Spring 2018 (Don’t worry you’re not alone!) You can come to the Learn about the New Player Drafts  which are scheduled for end of March 31st and April 7th (More detailed info to come out about that later). If you can manage it, we recommend keeping the morning and afternoon free so you can attend our after parties and meet some of the managers and experienced players. It’s always a blast.

If you haven’t already, sign up for the BASL Monthly Newsletter, The Inside Pitch. We’ll send out the latest information about BASL Events and Draft Days. Or Follow Us on Facebook. Even if you are New to BASL feel free to come to the event and meet some of our league members!


Any Questions? Reach out to Hello@bigapplesoftball.com, we’re happy to help!