New Player Draft Days For Spring 2017!

A little info about how the New Player Draft Works.

We will host two days:

Saturday, March 25th & Saturday, April 1st

Both of these days will be at Chelsea Park on 27th Street between 9th & 10th Avenues.

The schedule looks like this:

Women’s Divisions
Registration: 9:30 am
Draft Activities: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Open Divisions
Registration: 12:30 pm
Draft Activities: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Weather can be unpredictable so we recommend that you wear layers.

*In case of Inclement weather please check the website the morning of the draft.



We know that the idea of a “Draft” sounds a little intimidating so we thought we’d tell you a little bit about how the process works and why we even have a draft in the first place!

BASL has over thirty teams separated into two main divisions, a Women’s Division and and Open Division. Those are pretty self-explanatory, but under those divisions we separate our teams out a little more.

In the Women’s Division we have two more divisions; Mousseau, is our more competitive league with more experienced players, and Green-Batten, which is more recreational.

In the Main Open Division there are four divisions; Sachs, Panarace, Fitzpatrick and Dima, in order from more recreational to competitive.

Fun fact: These divisions are named after players in our Hall of Fame.

We have New Player Drafts to ensure players are placed into the divisions relative to their skill and desired level of play, this ensures the league is safe and fun for everyone. We do our best to find a team for EVERY player.

What gear you need:

The only thing we recommend (besides athletic shoes and gear) is a Softball Glove. If you are going to purchase a new glove, we recommend getting a mitt that’s at least 12″ or larger. See this helpful guide about Softball Mitt Sizes.

The league will supply bats for the draft. If you are interested in purchasing a bat just make sure it’s an ASA approved Slowpitch softball bat (ASA approved bats are the only one’s allowed in our games) or just wait and ask your new manager!

Chelsea Field is a Artificial Turf Field. Some players prefer cleats, while others prefer to wear sneakers. It’s up to you what you think you’ll be most comfortable in but keep in mind that most BASL games are played on regular dirt/grass softball fields.

How it Works:

Each Draft Day is broken up into two parts. The draft for the Women’s Division in the morning & the Draft for the Open Divisions in the afternoon.



New Players will arrive early to fill our their information and get their draft numbers. We recommend getting there early to sign in, stretch and throw before the draft activities begin. You will see draft volunteers walking around, feel free to ask them any questions you have about teams or about the league. We ask that you do not speak to team managers directly until after the draft.


Draft Activities:

Now the fun begins. You’ll be called over and you’ll hear from a BASL member. They’ll give you a little heads up about how it works, introduce you to some of the volunteers and give a little tutorial about some of the softball drills they’ll be doing. The drills involve basic fielding skills and afterwards you’ll do some hitting. Afterwards the division managers will get together and pick players. When it’s all said and done, hopefully you’ll meet your new team manager right away. If you don’t get placed on a team, don’t worry, managers always need to pick up players and we’ll ask you a few questions about your skill level and we’ll add you to the top of the Player Waitlist.

(If for any reason you have trouble getting in touch with your manager or have any more questions regarding your placement etc… please reach out to Tarah.)

Now you’re all done. And you’ll probably follow our volunteers to the bar!

We’re hosting an after draft Happy Hour at Walter’s Bar on 29th & 8th Avenue where there will be pizza and 2-4-5 PBRs. This is a great opportunity to meet some of the other new players, managers and learn more about the league so please come hangout!

If you have questions about the draft or about how the league works in general click here to check out our New Player FAQ and if you still have more questions please reach out to us and we’ll try our best to answer all of your questions.

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Note: While your best chance of getting on a team is attending the New Player Drafts. We understand that things do come up and you might not be able to make the draft. Please reach out to AFTER THE DRAFT DAYS ARE OVER to find out about joining the waitlist. Be aware, players that attend the draft but aren’t drafted will be automatically added to the top of the list, so it’s in your best interest to attend a draft if you can.