Meet the Board – Claire Allen

 Q&A With BASL Asst. Commissioner (Women’s Division) Claire Allen

This is Claire’s first season as Assistant Commissioner for the Women’s Division and she’s already been making a huge impact. For all of those that played and enjoyed the restructured 2017 Fall Season. Claire had a HUGE hand in championing and making that change to our Fall season and we’d like to think it was a BIG success! Get to know this fresh face more with our Q&A session.

What do you do for the BASL?

I am the freshman Assistant Commissioner for the Women’s Division. Before that, I was the Division Representative for the Green-Batten Division for the previous two seasons.

Most recently I worked with several other BASL members on re-tooling our fall season to increase league participants, balance competition, and make the season more social. I’m really passionate about improving the process for next season based on observations and feedback we got this year.

One of my main goals for 2018 is to fundraise like crazy for our women’s teams that are going to the ASANA World Series in New Orleans so that we can send as many NYC teams as possible.

When did you start playing in the BASL?

I started in Spring of 2012. I missed the draft in spring 2012 but was able to easily join via email.I wanted to meet people and make some friends. I played softball competitively from my early days through my early 20s and googled “gay softball” and found BASL. When I saw that there was a Women’s Division, it was like icing on the cake!

Since joining in 2012, I’ve played every season! I only skipped fall of 2016.

Where are you from?

I’m from Southern CA and made the move to NY in August of 2011 for a job opportunity.

What do you do for fun? 

This question makes me question my idea of fun.

So we will change it to: What I do in my spare time?

I play darts on Darts Gone Bad (I’m the bad), I hang out with my adorable wife and dogs, and volunteer my time to improve my community.

What three words describe you best?

Can you get this answer from my old OkCupid profile? Genuine, honest, and good for a laugh or 10.

That’s more than 3 but we’ll allow it.

How did you get involved with volunteering for BASL?

During my second season with BASL my manager, Brenda Berman invited me to come to the board meetings with her so I did.

I honestly had NO idea about everything that went into making BASL run until I went to meetings. I remember thinking, oh wow, there are “motions”, “ayes and nays”, “new business” and everything else, this is fancy! As crazy as it is, that’s what made me want to do more because I could see the changes literally happening in front of my eyes.

Tarah Burns, our former commissioner of the Women’s Division was the one that gave me the nudge (more like kick) to become the Division Representative for Green-Batten and the rest is very recent history.

What do you love about BASL? 

I love all of the amazing people that I have met through the league. I love all of the friendships that I’ve made with people that I’ve met through BASL. I love that one of those friendships grew into a relationship and then marriage to my lovely wife, Shira. I love being a part of something that is bigger than myself.

#babyClaire during the 2012 season when she played on venom

Quite a few of the people that Claire and her wife met during their 6 seasons in BASL flew to CA to join them on their wedding day, if that ain’t love! Claire and Shira met through BASL. #betterMatchmakerThanTinder


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