Meet the Board – Melo Vasquez

 Q&A With BASL Dima Division Representative, Carmelo Vasquez

Big Apple Softball League LGBTQ+ league that welcomes people of all walks of life. Melo is an example of that. Melo joined BASL over a decade ago just looking for somewhere to play ball but he’s now found a community.

What do you do for the BASL?

I am currently the coach of NY Fusion which I help found 14 years ago. I was also the head of the investigation committee of one and currently I am the Dima Division Representative.

When did you start playing in the BASL?

In 2003 I was sitting on a porch one Saturday morning when I got into a conversation with a male in a baseball uniform. Conversation went a little like this Me: hey where do you play, can I play Male: I play for BASL it’s a Gay league Me: I don’t care if it’s game I just want to play. Since then it has been one of the greatest experiences of the last 15 years.

Where are you from?

I was born in Jersey City but was raised in the 5 boroughs.

What do you do for fun? 

I like to draw and I love watching my kids grow. I also like taking down the 1%ers while building stronger jobs.

What three words describe you best?

Big hearted, loyal and stubborn

How did you get involved with volunteering for BASL?

I got involved because I love what this league has given me. BASL has given me a foundation and an extended family. I wanted to make sure those values are afforded to everyone.

What do you love about BASL? 

I love the fact that when the game starts the competition is fierce but when the games are over all you feel is the love.

Melo during the first year of the NY Fusion

Playing with the Wings in 2004 at a Tampa Tournament

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