Meet the Board – Dan Westervelt

 Q&A With BASL Panarace Division Representative, Dan Westervelt

Fun fact, one of our managers (we won’t name who) found Dan by posting about the league of Reddit.

What do you do for the BASL?

As the Panarace divsion rep, I make sure the managers and players are in the loop with league business. I plan our division’s schedule and handle any other division-specific issues. I’m a co-manager for the Stonewall Swingers. I also recently co-managed a Fall team (and we won the championship!).

When did you start playing in the BASL?

I started playing in the Spring of 2014. I found out about the league on the world wide interwebz. I recently moved to NYC and was looking for a new league and couldn’t have found a better one!

Where are you from?

Kind of all over. Born in central Illinois, raised mostly in East Tennessee, moved to Indiana for college, Pittsburgh for grad school, and NYC since 2013. I plan on sticking around here in NYC for awhile.

What do you do for fun? 

I like to explore NYC, there is just so much to do and see here. I watch a lot of sports. I watch a lot of horror movies. I’m a professional science nerd for a living, so I like to keep up with all the crazy things going on in the science world. I’ll read occasionally, with sci-fi/fantasy and non-fiction being the most common genres.

What three words describe you best?

motivated, nerdy, Batman

How did you get involved with volunteering for BASL?

I was appointed division rep in January of 2017. I think I actually saw about the position vacancy in the Inside Pitch newsletter. I remember going to the board meeting to officially declare my interest in volunteering in November of 2016, which happened to be the day after the election. So to me it felt like good timing to do some volunteering for a good organization.

Editor’s Note: Email if Dan has inspired you to get involved!

What do you love about BASL? 

I love that the league can be both serious and competitive yet fun and recreational at the same time. I’d played in too many leagues in the past that were just way too disorganized and laid-back. I like the social aspects, specifically how a lot of teams like to go out to their partner/sponsor bars after games. I really like that there is an active contingent of players in essentially all divisions that like to travel for tournaments — playing in tournaments has been one of my favorite things.


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