Now Accepting Nominations

We are now Accepting Applications for board members for the Board. The current Positions Open are All Division Representative Positions (1 Year Term), Commissioner (2 Year Term), & Secretary (2 Year Term)

Checkout the responsibilities of the Board Members below and submit the form to nominate a BASL member:
NOMINATIONS ARE CLOSED! Thanks to all that participated!

Duties and Responsibilities of the Commissioner:

A. Direct policies and enforce all the rules of the BASL

B. Preside over all meetings of the BASL Governing Body and Executive Board and be an ex-officio member of all


C. Sign all documents in the name of the BASL when authorized by the Governing Body

D. Not be a manager of any BASL Team or chairperson of any BASL-sanctioned tournament

E. Be a designated co-signer of BASL checks

F. Represent the BASL at NAGAAA and ASANA meetings or appoint an alternate representative

G. Appoint the Financial Control Officer at the October or November meeting

H. Prepare the agenda for Governing Body meetings

I. Perform any duties assigned to him/her by the Governing Body

J. Be the BASL contact with the umpire associations in New York and New Jersey

Duties and Responsibilities of the Secretary:

A. Assume the duties of the Commissioner in the absence of all other officers

B. Assume the office of Commissioner in the event this office, the office of Assistant Commissioner (Open),

Assistant Commissioner (Women’s Division) and Treasurer become vacant, or call for a Special Election to fill

the vacancies

C. Keep and maintain the BASL membership roll, including team rosters

D. Keep all records of the proceedings of the BASL, including BASL correspondence

E. Take the minutes of Governing Body and Executive Board meetings

F. Receive the monthly checking account statements, copy them and send the originals and the cancelled checks to

the Treasurer, and send a copy of the bank statement to the Financial Control Officer

G. Notify the Governing Body of all regular and special meetings, and provide an agenda for all Governing Body

meetings with the notification

H. Perform any duties assigned to him/her by the Commissioner and/or the Governing Body

Duties and Responsibilities of the Division Representatives:

Assist the Executive Committee in carrying out its duties with respect to the teams in his/her division. These duties

shall specifically include:

A. Be a liaison to his/her division’s teams

B. Be a member of the Scheduling Committee

C. Advise division teams on the completing of their NAGAAA or ASANA ratings