Thank you Jeff James

Jeff with GYM Sportsbar at the NAGAAA GSWS in Tampa, FL in 2018

I joined the Big Apple Softball League in 2013. I just wanted to get out and play a sport I had grown up playing my whole life. I hadn’t expected to find a community and I certainly hadn’t expected to become such an involved member of it but 5 years later that’s exactly what has happened and I have Jeff James to thank for it. My only memories of the Big Apple Softball League involve Jeff. He has been Mr. BASL, making an appearance at every team fundraiser, contributing donations when he could and constantly encouraging and fostering new players, new managers and new teams.

I don’t remember how I initially got involved with the league in those years but I know the Jeff was a huge part of it. Jeff is subtle leader, he would never tell me what to do or how to do it but his tireless work ethic and dedication to the Big Apple Softball League was infectious. Not only was he receptive to change but he encouraged it, he was excited for it.

The Big Apple Softball League has some great leaders and dedicated board members that are ready to step up and take the reigns for the league and Jeff has earned a well deserved break! People like Jeff don’t come often and I’m thankful for the time we’ve all had for his mentorship and guidance in running this league.

Thank you Jeff for your tireless work and endless dedication to our league. And as a thank you I’ve included this really embarrassing photo of you accepting your Thank you Award at this past Awards Party. Thank you, Jeff James!