World Pride March – June 30th

Join the Big Apple Softball League for World Pride 2019 in New York City!

We will be Marching in TWO Groups this year:


Group 1: Will be Marching with our New Sponsor, Coney Island Brewing, and their Mermaid Pride Float!

The Mermaid Float will have refreshments available, a DJ, Coney Island Brewing swag to distribute, storage space for small bags only, BASL Pride Shirts for marchers & Stickers to distribute!

Coney Island Brewing will be stepping off around 5:00pm but we will plan to meet before at a local bar to grab a cold Mermaid Pilsner before heading to the float together. #productPlacement

There is only space for 30 Pride Marchers. There is a $15 deposit to secure your spot* with the float and it will be first come, first serve so don’t snooze on this! You must fille out the form below AND venmo @paige-ponzeka your $15 deposit with your name and email to secure your spot.

*All deposit money will go towards Pride Swag! No refunds will be issued 48 hours before the Pride March.

All Marchers are asked to signup here.

Group 2: Will be Marching behind the MLB Float!

This group will have BASL Pride Shirts and Stickers to distribute and will carry the BASL Pride Banner!

This is the same set up as last year so anyone that marched last year is familiar with how the Marching Group works.

Launch Time: TBD! (We will follow up with information as soon as we know)

There is no charge to walk with group 2! Just Signup and show-up!

All Marchers are asked to signup here.

Questions? Email Paige at