It's become a tradition to name league awards after members that have contributed to the league.

Jay Brito2

Manager Award

Jay Brito

Jay had a heart of gold. He was more of a father than manager. He coached, managed and taught respect of the game of the softball but most importantly having respect for yourself and others. This award is given by the manager in appreciation of his/her dedication to the team. Jay Brito passed away on 3/18/2011.

John Henry Rew

Most Improved Player

John Henry Rew

John joined the BASL a novice, not knowing how to play, throw, bat, and left left an athlete. He challenged himself until he could play in the top division - Dima. And ultimately he did on the Mavericks. John passed away on 8/23/2007.

This award is given by the manager to the player that has shown the most growth in softball.

Philip Ognibene

Rookie of the Year

Philip Ognibene

Philip aka "Roxy Eddie" joined the BASL in 2001. Great athlete, supportive team mate. Loved the game of softball and was loved by his team, the Renegades. Philip joined the BASL to meet friends in a social environment outside the bar scene. Philip passed away on 9/11/2001. He was a victim of the World Trade Center attack.

This award is given by the league to first season players in each division. This award is based on season stats.

2006 HOF - Stan Witt

Pitching Award

Stan Witt

Stan pitched in the BASL until he was 88 years old (Rumor has it, that he may have been older! Stan would never reveal his age). Admired by all players. He pitched at least one game per double header. Stan still resides in the East Village

This award is given by the league to the best pitching record in each division. This award is based on season stats.

2006 HOF - John Panarace

Commissioner's Award

John Panarace

John is one of the architects of the ruling structure of  BASL. As Commissioner, he helped the league grow from 12 teams to 24 teams. He promoted the importance of the social aspect as well as competition. He treated the BASL players as family. 

This award is given by the commissioner to a BASL member that displays leadership qualities and has given outstanding service to the league

Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination

Matthew Dzioba

The Sachs Spirit Award

Honoring the Memory of Matt Dzobia 

Matt passed away on March 1, 2014 of complications from acute myeloid leukemia.

On the field, Matt was always willing and ready to play any position. His enthusiasm and attitude helped lift the rookies on his team.
The Sachs Division teams can nominate a TEAM or players from opposing teams that demonstrate an example of excellent sportsmanship and the spirit of the division and BASL.


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