Forfeit Guide & FAQ

What to do if your team is in danger of forfeiting

Pick up Players

Check the Player Pick up List

You can pick up players from other divisions to complete your Roster!

Please read the instructions and get in touch with your rep to get started!

There are Penalties

Know the Penalties!

Too many forfeits could cost your team's standings, playoff eligibility and could ultimately end your season early. Late notification forfeits will cost you.

Read the FAQ Below

Reach out

We Want to Help!

We all just want to play, reach out to your reps if you're having trouble fielding a team. Forfeiting should be your last resort.

See Contact Form Below or email

Notify Us Early

Notify by Wednesday @ 12pm

You run the risk of monetary penalties if you notify too late of your forfeit. We need to inform the umpires by 12 pm on Wednesday otherwise you'll owe both team's umpire fees. ($140)

Forfeit FAQ

  1. How many players do I need to prevent a forfeit?
    1. 9
  2. What can I do to prevent a forfeit?
    1. We recommend every team carry a roster of at least 20 players (more if many players are new). This will help ensure you have a team of at least 9 players every weekend.
    2. You can also use the Player Pickup list to pick up players for the season. Please reach out to your division rep and commissioner and they will work with you to help field a team.
  3. What are the Punishments for a forfeit?
    1. If a team forfeits three (3) games during the regular season, its seed will revert to last place and its first playoff game will be an automatic loss. If a team forfeits four (4) or more games during the regular season, it will not be permitted to play in the playoffs. If a team forfeits five (5) or more games during the regular season, its season will be terminated immediately.
    2. For on the field forfeits & Late Notification forfeits. The forfeiting team will be responsible for paying all of the umpire fees for the forfeited game. $140 covers the umpire fees for both teams in a double header.
  4. What do I do if my team needs to forfeit?
    1. Team can notify the BASL FORFEIT ADMINS (Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner (Open), Assistant Commissioner (Women’s Division) by filling out the online form by 12 NOON on the Wednesday before the game in question, a confirmation will given by an executive committee member, a forfeit shall be declared and the requirement to pay the umpire fees will be waived. Once a forfeit has been declared it cannot be reversed. The division representative, Umpire/Field Coordinator and the opposing team’s manager will be notified.

Notify the Forfeit Admins

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